Everyone can Kite
You are between 7-14 years old? You never thought about kiting. Your first step into your kiteboarding career starts here with us.

Join a powerkiteclinic, a kitekidscamp or if you kite already, join a progressioncamp with experienced kiters. Continue kiting in your local Kitekidsclub and join soon your first competition.

Kitekidstour wants give kids the possibility to get into kitesurfing and to discover the sport. Also we help to support with gear and manage a Godfather programme, where kiters can support kids worldwide and visit them in their vacation and kite in the kids spots. We are a non-profit organisation and support local organizers with their kitesurf activities for kids. If you want to enrich your music festival or sport event with a nice side
The first step into kitesurfing. We can teach up to 16 kids per session on small foilkites. They will learn about windtheory, kiteflying and safety. A perfect preparation to get into the water with tubekites.
Beginnercourses Kitesurfing
With a travelset of tubekites we come to your location and teach from everything from basic kiteflying, windtheory up to boardstart and riding.
We look forward to help experienced kids to get prerpared for their first competition. Learn new tricks and learn about competitions, tactics, sponsors and all the things you need to join your first event.

Upcoming Events

E-Book:Kitesurfing 4kids

Equipment, Games, No wind alternatives, interviews with kids, parents and kitesurfinstructors

Get the kids on the boards!


We can't wait to get on the water with you!!!

Kathrin (German, 37 years) headcoach of Kitekids. Kiteinstructor since 2002, joins international competitions, started to do kitekidscamps 2009

Lison (French, 26 years) started kiting 2009, loves travelling around the world and was teaching kids many years snowboarding.

Neil (English), the one without who Kitekids wouldnt exist. All the ideas and contacts come through Neil, who is the Coordinator of the KTA (Kitetour Asia).

Cook-Islands Kids